Day 31 - Wrap Up

Wow. I can not believe the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Home Series is over TODAY! When I started this series, I knew that it would be a huge time commitment but I don't think I totally grasped the commitment required to post every single days for 31 days straight, on the same topic! In the end, I'm so thankful it's over :) And I'm thankful for the friends I've made along the way. And I am thankful mostly for my sweet husband, Dave, for bearing with me during this month. Ironically, as I wrote about having a clutter free home, the level of clutter in our home actually went up because I had less time to keep up with it! Ah!

But don't worry, I definitely plan to keep on blogging regularly in the month of November. I probably will take weekends off though so I can spend a little more time with my family and not on the computer.

Now, we're going to take a quick look back on the past month and share some of the highlights. . .

On Day 1, I shared some of the motivation behind our de-cluttering process. I talked about how my goal was to reduce visual clutter to make our home a more inviting place. On Day 2, I discussed how we purged a lot of stuff using this quote as a filtering process:

Day 12 discussed making intentional design choices to yield a less cluttered look.

Day 21 provided tips to bust clutter and maintain a clean living room, and Day 22 discussed ways to make a dining room really work for your family, whether it be as an area to eat or completely repurposing it to serve as a home office, playroom, or music room.

Day 20 involved making a relaxing, peaceful sanctuary for your guests. Day 5Day 6 & Day 10 dealt with reducing clutter in the laundry room.

Day 13 & Day 14 involved cleaning up the bathroom.

And Day 15 discussed organizing the cleaning closet and Day 24 discussed where to keep all those DIY remodeling tools.

And Day 7Day 8Day 9 and Day 29 dealt with cleaning up the kitchen.

Day 11 involved cleaning out the Master Bedroom closet. And Day 17Day 18 & Day 19 involved de-cluttering and organizing kids' rooms, clothes & toys.

On Day 3  we discussed condensing a cluttered home office into a computer armoire, while Day 27 revisited the home office and provided a mood board for Rebekah.

Day 26 provided creative craft storage solutions for my friend Bethany.

And Day 4 explained the benefits of living debt free and how that would ultimately reduce a lot of paper clutter in your home.

Day 25 talked all about improving curb appeal.

Day 28 touched on organizing storage areas like garages and mini barns.

Day 16, Day 23 and Day 30 involved simplifying your life and creating margin in your schedules to leave time for the important things.

A few of the very simple, overriding principles we touched on over the past month involved:

  • Purging.
  • Using containers.
  • Labeling said containers.
I am confident that you can organize just about any space in your home using those guidelines.

I don't know about you, but I've had a fabulous time this month meeting lots of new friends. And I've found a ton of inspirational blogs through the 31 Days of Change link party over at Nesting Place.

A few of the blogs that I really enjoyed were ironically very similar to what I was writing up so if you've enjoyed this, you should check them out as well:

I invite you all to check back frequently this next month. There are many exciting posts to come for sure! I already have several projects to share that I've completed with friends/family including a kitchen cabinet reorganization, an entryway makeover and a master bedroom mood board.

Also, we will be moving mid-November, so I will be sharing lots more about the actual moving process, any tips that we come up with through that, as well as a tour of our new home. And I'm sure there will be many projects in the new place, both large and small, that I will love to share with you as well.

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Fi said...

Hi, I've really enjoyed reading your 31 Day series, it's been so interesting and you've given your readers so many great tips. I shall definitely be referring back to your posts while attempting to declutter my home!

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