Day 11 - Master Bedroom Closet

Can't believe it's the 11th already! In case you are new, we're making our way through the series, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Home.

Today we're addressing the Master Bedroom Closet. We've already talked about purging clothing back on Day 6 so I'm sure you've got that taken care of *wink wink,* so now we're going to chat about a few other things you can do to make your closets seem less cluttered.

  • Use matching hangers, and space them evenly. Some people like to use those slim, no-slip velvet hangers to fit more in the closet without it looking too crammed. I personally don't like them that much. I'd rather have wooden hangers (and fewer clothes!). I first got this idea from The Nester last year. So this past winter I found white wooden hangers at Home Goods and I just HAD to buy them. I love wooden hangers. But I love white wooden hangers more.

  • Install a couple hooks. Then you can hang things like a bath towel or a hoodie or pair of jeans that you intend to wear again tomorrow without having to use a hanger or something and then you don't even up wadding those items up on the floor at the end of the day.
  • Use decorative, matching baskets for things like scarves, hats, shoes. People often think that it would be way too expensive to buy something like that. But I found these 2 baskets for $7 / piece at Home Goods. There are deals out there. Check the dollar section at Target or go to the Dollar Store. Seeing my two matching brown baskets gives me such joy.

  • Use a jewelry organizer. My sister-in-law gave this to me and I honestly didn't even think I had enough jewelry to fill it. But I did. And I find that I'm much more apt to wear it since I can just pull this out of the closet and choose my jewelry while I'm choosing my outfits rather than dig through a jewelry box.
  • Install a double level hanging system - you end up fitting twice as many clothes in your closet! (This photo was actually taken in the closet in Levi's room when we were sleeping in there during the remodel of our bedroom.)
  • Get a shoe organizer.
  • Keep the floor cleared off.

And if any of you are struggling with purging, you might check out my friend, Marla's blog. She's writing all about Purging this month. And she's sure to inspire you! I especially enjoyed her Day 4 post.

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