Day 16 - Clutter Free Lives - Create Some Margin

Dave & I have participated in a video series by Andy Stanley entitled Take it to the Limit two different times now.

We've also listened to a CD of a Focus on the Family recording by Richard Swenson on Margin.  If you've not heard of these books/CDs, I highly recommend them.

These two gentlemen touch on some of the same topics and it is nearly impossible for me to differentiate who said what by memory. Still, the main idea is that we need to create margin in our lives - whether it be in our finances, our belongings, our time and schedules, our morals, our careers, our emotions, or our physical bodies. By creating this margin, then we have time to serve and to spend time with our families and with the Lord. When life is so hectic, the things that matter in life are put on the back burner.

Through the teachings of these two gentlemen, we have worked hard to create margin in all those areas. But we have not arrived, by any means. We are constantly re-visiting these lessons and earnestly working to create margin in our lives. We strive to carve more time out of our schedules to spend as a family and more margin in our finances so we're not living on the brink of overdrawing our checking account. We're constantly evaluating our decisions to be sure we are living out our moral convictions and not compromising and becoming more like the world. I, at least, am forever working on my diet and exercise program to carve out more margin in my pants, etc.

On this Lord's day I ask that you take a good look at your life and see what areas you're lacking margin in. I truly feel like this falls right in with our clutter free home series. Just like creating a clutter free home gives your family a space to hang out, creating a clutter free schedule will also help your family flourish.

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