Day 15 - Cleaning Closet

I can't believe we're halfway through this 31 Days to a Clutter Free Home series already. For those of you that are loyally following along, THANK YOU! This blog would not be worth it if I did not have readers :)


And now I'm going to throw out a couple housekeeping items:

  • If you have been following along through this series, please comment and share with me what you have been de-cluttering and organizing around your home, or what projects you know you need to tackle but don't know where to start. I would love to hear your stories and know a little more about all of you so I can cover areas you're interested in. 
  • Also, if I can be of any help with your projects, please let me know. I'm seeking opportunities to volunteer to help people with real -life problems. My dream is to someday offer organizing, de-cluttering, decorating services for a fee and it would be extremely helpful for me to gain some real-life experience now (in person or virtually through email, at no cost to you).
  • Also, if you are one that has been following this blog but haven't committed through actually clicking that button over on the right that says "Join This Site" or "Follow By Email", I would sure love it if you would. I'm definitely working to grow this blog and knowing how many regular readers I have would really help me in that endeavor.
Ok. Thanks for your patience, folks!

And now onto the real "meat" of this post....After eliminating the large closet that used to be off our laundry room in order to achieve a larger master bath/closet, we didn't really have a good place to keep our cleaning supplies (in fact, during the remodel our broom and dustpan were constantly out in the open somewhere and usually when we needed them, we could not find them because we had no clue where they had last ended up). So I was brainstorming and finally decided to carve out a space in our utility closet (where the water heater and furnace are in the center of our home) for our cleaning supplies.

For a while, we just sat all the brooms, mops, and things inside the closet. But whenever you needed one of them, usually 2 or 3 others fell out with the one you grabbed. It was a tangled mess. 

So I began looking online for organizing solutions and found this handy over- the-door rack on Amazon. It was hard to find this particular style. It is easier to find a pantry storage rack with baskets all the way down or just an over-the-door rack for hanging brooms and other long tools; they are not usually combined like in this one. It has baskets at the top for cleaning supplies and 2 rows of hooks underneath for brooms, mops, etc. I absolutely love keeping all our cleaning supplies in one area. (We do keep our kitchen cleaners handy in the kitchen though.)

I am so glad I thought of keeping the cleaning supplies in this closet. Otherwise they'd be crammed into our laundry room closet which is already being used as our "Mini Mudroom" and this area would continue to be wasted space.

Who else has some wasted space in their home that they could repurpose for smart storage like this?


The Lovely One said...

I have been working really hard at organizing and decluttering, but I have like three boxes of... STUFF. Stuff that I know we need, but they just don't have a home. I need to work on these pesky misc items!

freshnewday said...

I have three problem areas in my home. 1. Office/Homeschool room 2. Certain Closets: Linen & Office 3. Garage
Everything in the home has a place, and I declutter as a part of housekeeping. Still, maybe I need to let go of more or just beautify these areas. The office is where we live much of the day, and I'd love any suggestions you might have for this room. I can send you pictures if you're interested. Your blog is awesome.

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