6 Week Meal Plan - Preparing to Move

Back in the beginning of October, since I knew we'd be most likely moving in 6 weeks or so, I decided to take an inventory of what we had in our freezer and pantry and make a 6 week meal plan to try to use it all up by Moving Day.

In all reality, the pantry items would be fine to move, really, but they are heavy and would take up space on the trailer and any glass containers run the risk of being broken and making a big mess, so I'd rather just use this all up. Same with condiments in the fridge, etc.

Here's what we had:
Ground sausage - 5 lbs
Ground venison - 4 lbs
Bacon - 5 lbs
Scrapple - A LOT
Deer tenderloin - 1 large piece
Pork fish - enough for 1 meal
Deer roast - 1 2-3 lb roast
Deer tenderloin slices - 9
Deer stew meat - 1- 2 lb package
Italian sausage links - 8
shrimp - 1 bag that needs to be used up by Jan anyways
chicken breasts - 3
frozen broccoli
mixed berries
1 1/2 gallons vanilla ice cream
dried black beans
white rice
macaroni noodles
lasagna noodles
2 cans baked beans
2 cans sweet potatoes
2 cans green beans
taco shells
spaghetti sauce

After looking at that, I realize a few things:
#1 - We are INCREDIBLY blessed that we have enough food on hand to fix nearly 6 weeks of meals without having to buy much of anything. Sometimes we say things like "there's nothing to eat" but what that really means is "there's nothing to eat that's really easy to make or that I want RIGHT now"
#2 - We're going to have to use up a lot of sausage and venison
#3 - How on earth have we not eaten our remaining 5 lbs of bacon??? They were in the bottom of the freezer in a brown paper bag...that's how! I didn't know they were there. Dave's going to love the next 6 weeks. Bacon is one of his favorite food groups. :)
#4 - Dave's going to have to increase his consumption of scrapple for breakfasts on weekdays. He said he's been more hungry lately so that's good.
#5 - If we want dessert, we'll be having vanilla ice cream, berry/banana smoothies, or banana bread.
#6 - We have a large unopened gallon of maple syrup. I think we'll just wait to open it till after we move so we don't have to keep it cold for the move.

And here's our meal plan that I wrote out on paper. I just made my inventory list at the top of the page then drew out a grid for 6 weeks of days and filled them in while checking off that I'd allotted for all the sausage, venison, etc. Easy enough...

I may mix and match between the weeks for variety and what we're in the mood for that day, but this gives you an idea. If we stick to this, we should not have to move any frozen meat or veggies. And Week 6 only has like 3 meals cuz I know that inevitably we'll go out to eat at some point and still have plenty of food around by that time.

Week 1 -

sausage lasagna
venison tacos
sausage corn chili
venison tenderloin and sweet potato casserole
shrimp stir fry (this will be the night Dave works late cuz he hates shrimp)
sausage & pepperoni homemade pan pizza
rice & beans served with chicken & shrimp

Week 2 -

pork fish, mac n cheese, broccoli, applesauce
Italian sausages & baked beans
loaded bacon potato soup
bacon quiche
bacon & pepperoni homemade pan pizza
sausage and fried potato skillet

Week 3 -

venison tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, peas
spaghetti w/ sausage meatballs
venison chili with Mexican flare
beef tacos
baked beans & bacon
bacon, eggs & toast

Week 4 -

venison tenderloin, mac n cheese, broccoli
ground venison chili (Shan's recipe)
venison roast, potatoes, green beans
Italian sausage sandwiches
leftover venison roast BBQ sandwiches
pancakes & bacon

Week 5 -

pork burgers & green beans
venison mexican casserole
jammin venison stew
chicken fajitas
venison steak & bleu cheese salads
french toast & bacon

Week 6 -

bacon sandwiches
bean & bacon soup
chicken chinese meal w/ rice & egg rolls

Anyone else have any advice on preparing for a move? I'm looking for any tips I can get!

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susan said...

Ok - you have shamed me. I was sooo proud that I have moved to a 2 week meal plan. 6 weeks - wow!!!

My one big tip for moving - label the top and all 4 sides of each box. You never know how boxes will be stacked.

Cheap disposable diapers make great packing for fragile expensive items. You can use the tabs to secure each item.

Good luck!!

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