The Pinterest Challenge project - that wasn't...

Last week I read this post on Young House Love and this post on Bower Power Blog and I was determined to participate in their latest Pinterest Challenge.

And then reality set in. . .

  • The reality that I was just wrapping up a 31 day series that had taken lots and lots of my time and left our home in shambles (the irony of writing about a clutter free home...)
  • The reality that I desperately need to clean our home - our bathroom looks like a hazardous materials situation currently. 
  • The reality that I have a 15 month old who I've just weaned from breastfeeding but he still loves lots of cuddle time and bookreading and playing with TRACTORS that he calls TRUCKS.

  • The reality that I have a "command man" mechanic husband who likes me to be available to him 24/7 for whatever errand running or junk yard visiting he might need.
  • The reality that we are moving in 14 days and I've only packed 3 boxes. (Yikes!)
  • The reality that I just started a new diet and that I'm also trying to go to the YMCA 4-5 times per week.
  • The reality that I just started a Beth Moore Womens' Bible study and I'm 5 days behind on my workbook.
  • The reality that I have a huge list of utilities and insurance agents to call and notify of our change of address.
  • And, lastly, the reality that I have little to no money to spend on DIY projects {since we're currently saving every spare penny to give the buyers at the close of this house}.

So today, rather than share with you a step-by-step tutorial on my fabulous Pinterest-inspired project, (*sniffle*), I'm going to be lame and just share with you the Pinterest images I found and hope that someone who's at a place in life with a little less . . .reality. . . ? can make these instead and share a photo with me. Pretty, pretty, please?

Several months ago, I spotted this wall art on Pinterest made from - get this - TOILET PAPER ROLLS. I thought it would be a fun DIY project.

Then I found some more.

 And I also saw these gorgeous flowers made from TP rolls.

And this wreath.

And this equally cute wreath...

And this one too!

So my idea was to make Christmas tree ornaments from toilet paper rolls for the challenge. Snowflakes actually. We already have some snowflake ornaments for our tree and I love them. 
So I thought, why not have more?

And I even came up with that idea before I found these pins on Pinterest. 
And they're pretty much what I wanted to do.

This one is HUGE. Probably bigger than what I would have done.

Then I planned to spray paint my snowflakes white or silver and coat them with shimmery glitter. Kind of like this gal did. She has a fabulous tutorial on her blog. (Just click on "source" under the pic.)

While browsing TP roll projects on Pinterest, I also found these things of note:

Making shapes with TP rolls and dipping them in paint for kids to make "shapes".

Or using the TP rolls to stencil.

Or why not use trash to make a trash can? Huh...

 Or to organize cords in a box.

Who knew you could do so much with TRASH? Has anyone made any of these projects already or do you think you might try?


Bethany said...

I just saw this idea a few weeks ago and bookmarked it. Then just last week a friend of mine at church had a plastic bag filled with empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls and asked me if I thought anyone could use them! So she gave them to me and after I read this post I started working on it. I want to find a board I can attach them to and sell my creation at our youth Art Fair Fundraiser this December. I will post pics when I'm done!

Jenny Kropf said...

Now I know why my friend has been saving these....hopefully reality will be easier tomorrow...

freshnewday said...

Very cool post! Your blog is SO GOOD! I wish I could come help you pack. I really appreciate your post regarding my home office/homeschool room. Everything was recently put on hold here too due to some challenging events. My house can look blown up fast. LOL Don't worry if you need to take a break from blogging. We will still be here. Seriously, your blog stands out in excellence. It is just a matter of time before you are discovered more. You are really talented! Anyway, moving is a really big job, plus you have your little guy to keep up with. We understand you have priorities. (Don't forget to take care of you.) Praying for blessings for you, Rebekah

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