Jars! Jars! They're everywhere.

Early on in our marriage, we ditched our regular drinking glasses (that seemed to break SO easily) and opted instead for an ever-changing collection of various canning jars. There's just something about sipping sweet tea from a Mason jar that makes it taste so much better! And no matter what plates we use, they always match. We'll never go back.

But lately I've been seeing canning jars popping up literally EVERYWHERE else. And I love it. There's something about the sheer simplicity and availability of the things that's just so appealing to me. Apparently they're not just for canning anymore.

Check out all these ideas! And be sure to refer back to my Pinterest Board on jars, as I'm always adding new ideas that I spy on there.

Portion-Controlled Desserts. I had no idea (till Pinterest came along) that you could do fun things like bake individual pies, cakes and cheesecakes in canning jars. It is built-in portion control, which is great if you're on a diet and craving just a little something but don't want to be tempted to eat that entire pie sitting out on your countertop.

Here's a peach pie. . .

A cake. . .

Cupcakes. . .

Cheesecake. . .

And this one is even a microwave lime cheesecake, which I've already tried. It was delicious and so convenient.

Packing Lunches. You could also pack your lunch for work or make an entire picnic lunch in a few jars with lids. Just make a salad and some chili and cornbread and you're all set. And throw in a lidded jar of sweet tea. No messes! And it's so much more "green" than using disposable sandwich baggies!

Kitchen Storage. Then of course you can use jars as canisters in the kitchen, like I recently did.

And you can add all kinds of cool labels to them.


Or store them on a fancy tiered stand instead of the countertop.


And you can even retrofit a jar into a soap pump next to the kitchen sink. So charming!


Craft/ Office Supplies. Or you could use them in an office or craft area to corral things like pens, pencils, crayons. In fact, I was already doing this in our house. And then I saw this pin. . . chalkboard labels - I am in love with you!

Or check out these organized craft areas. . .

Family Room Fun. And I just love this idea of storing game pieces and puzzle pieces inside decorative jars on shelves in family rooms instead of the flimsy, unsightly cardboard boxes they came in.

Bathroom Storage. They can even be used in bathrooms to store toiletries. 

Candlelight. Mason jars can also be used as candle holders in many a centerpiece and as outdoor "lanterns".

Double as Vases. Or these versatile jars can stand in as vases to hold everyday flowers.

I just LOVE this idea of hanging one on the wall near the kitchen sink to hold blooms.

DIY light fixtures. And why not incorporate them into quaint do-it-yourself chandeliers and pendant lights? Seems like they'd be perfect for the job. They're made to withstand heat, that's for sure.

Formal Events. And what I think I love about them most is that they can even be used at formal events. Shown below, as vases on a Valentines Day party table.

Or again, holding blooms, but, this time, flanking the aisle at an outdoor wedding. 

Or how about personalized or pre-made drinks at wedding receptions?

Random. And if all those are not reason enough to embrace the canning jar, how about a couple other random uses? For example, did you know you could replace a broken blender jar with one?


Or set up your own terrarium?


This ranks right up there with making  your own lightning bug "light" in the summertime.

And then there's the whole "Memory Jar" idea where you jot down memories throughout the year, tuck them in a jar, then read thru them at the end of the year.

As you can see, the canning jar is so unbelievably useful. No wonder I've been reaching for them all the time lately. What do you use yours for? Anything besides, obviously, canning. . .? And, while we're on the subject, I've only ever canned green beans one day with my sister-in-law a few years ago. That's it. So, really, the majority of my experience with these jars has NOT been while canning.


freshnewday said...

The creativity here is amazing. Wow. Talk about thinking outside the box! Great post!!

brandy koons said...

i love canning jars too!! we have a few on our desk... one for pens/pencils, one for paper change rolling papers, etc. i have one with vegetable oil and a laminated picture of my boys on the beach (you can see one like it on my pinterest board) beside one with shells we found at the beach on a shelf in our living room and one on the counter top for loose change.
we used them to line the aisle at our outdoor wedding with bird seed and votive candles in them and red ribbons tied around the rim. (they now decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets) and of course, we drink from them :)

freshnewday said...

I just saw these at Dollar Tree. What a deal at $1 each!

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