Look what we've been up to!

I apologize for being MIA on the blog lately. I've definitely not been posting as often as I want, but we've all been busy around here scrambling to get my husband's automotive shop, Solomon's Garage, up and running at full-speed. Things are starting to calm down ever-so-slightly, so I thought I'd share a little peak at the work that's going on here lately...the stuff that those who read this blog "might" find interesting, stuff that has to do with the building, DIY-ing things, etc. The photos are definitely not my best work, but hopefully you can get the idea.

See that building on the far left, below. That's where his shop is, on the far left end of it.

We had a 20 ft wide overhead garage door installed. My hubby is THRILLED to have those little windows in the door. Someday soon we'll also have a walk-out door and like, a sign, and all that kind of official stuff. But...hhh...one day at a time, folks. I just keep having to remind myself of that fact.

And then we had an excavation company come and make a brand new driveway and 
gravel parking lot that comes right up to the door. 

We built a giant 2x6 wall, 55 ft long, that ranges from about 12 ft tall to 18 ft tall in the center to separate his shop area from the rest of the building (that his family uses for their farm). I helped him install about 4 of those studs right in the middle. Let me tell you, an 18 ft long 2 x 6 is hard to maneuver! My job was to trim it on the miter saw and kreg jig it so we could screw it to the bottom and top plates. 

It's definitely harder working with lumber on that scale than a normal 8 ft tall 2 x 4 you'd deal with inside a house. I'm sure glad he bought a 16 ft wide miter saw stand to go with our DeWalt compound miter saw. There would have been no other way for me to do it.

He covered the farm side of the wall with OSB and we'll cover our side with insulation and white sheet metal at some point later this year.

We purchased a Used Oil burning furnace so we can create our own heating fuel with fluids he has changed out on cars and trucks.


He has spent many late nights out in the shop hooking up that bad boy, installing the flue out the roof, etc. Only a few more steps to go till he can fire it up. And I'm sure he can't wait. 

Although, I did spot one of these in the yard the other day so we are incredibly thankful God has blessed us with a mild winter so far.

The furnace and oil tanks sit inside a storage closet on one side of the shop. It is about 12 ft x 30 ft. We'll have the air compressor and other large tools in there.

And here's my handsome honey working on a truck one night before his lift arrived. Creepers are not his friend. His knees hurt.

And here is our new 10,000 lb Rotary Lift - INSTALLED. Woohoo!

I've never seen him so happy.

We still have a ways to go, and a lot of organizing to do, but it's definitely starting to look more like the shop of his dreams. And I can't thank our friends and family enough for all they've done to help us get to this point!!!!!!!

And while he's been out there hammering away at the shop, I've been inside worrying about him climbing around like a monkey, and watching our boy (and sometimes his cousins!). So here are a few inside photos for fun.

Me and Levi loving on each other.

Levi wearing mommy's boots. He gets around surprisingly well in them.

And here's a classic. Levi with a train in one hand, a car in the other, wearing his boots that are way too big, some goggles and, yes, my underwear around his neck. This is how he said Happy Valentines Day to his Daddy last night. And yeah, there are Cheerios and blocks under the stove. Oh well.

And here's Levi hanging out in the wood- stall- turned- reading- nook. He took all the books off the shelves and got up there himself.

Levi wearing Pappy's boots one evening.

And Levi sitting in a mixing bowl. ...alongside our new-to-us World Market island, which I might blog about someday. ;)

And as I mentioned, sometimes Levi's cousins come over to play and we are very thankful for that. After all, this is one reason we always wanted to move back home, so our baby could grow up with his cousins and know them. And believe me, he adores them!!! Here's his older boy cousin, Daniel, dressed as an angel with a homemade halo and wings. 

And here's Levi with Rosie, Renee and Rachael, playing with homemade PINK clay. We had so much fun mixing it up together. (Just ignore the giant mess of an office space in the background!)

Levi was definitely NOT too sure about clay. It was his first rodeo, so to speak. LOL.

So, what can I say? We like arts and crafts in this house. At least it keeps us from fighting on boring winter afternoons. Or maybe I'm just a bit crazy to let 4 kids play with something so messy as clay. =) I'm still finding hunks of it on the soap dispensers at all the sinks in the house 3 weeks later.

So, tell me, what have you all been up to? Anyone else taking time out of the craziness of life to have a little fun with the kids in your lives? What's your favorite inside activity to do with kids?


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Katie! Margy

Ange said...

Haven't seen you on posting in a while. Just wanted to say Hi and hope things are going well getting the garage and business going! Also hope you are all healthy!

Anonymous said...

simply stopping by to say hi

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