Please forgive me for the lack of posts in the past few days. We were visiting family over the holiday weekend and I've been under the weather tsince we returned home. But bear with me: the blog should "recover" here in a few days.

In the meantime, here are a few random things I've pinned lately (including  one recipe that I highly recommend!)

This is kind of my motto when it comes to this blog:

Love this Living Room!! So airy and beautiful!

Black doors...who would have thought?

And this is my motto when it comes to decluttering:

And this, folks, is an awesome recipe. Microwave lime cheesecake. Yep. Microwave. It was amazing considering it took like 2 minutes to make. Well, maybe 3. And my picky, picky husband who doesn't like any dessert unless it's made from freshly ground wheat flour even liked it.

But the other fabulous benefit is that it has built in portion control. I fixed 1/2 a recipe, 2 servings, one for me and one for Dave. (And Levi got a few bites...) Anyways, we loved that there were no leftovers for us to continue to indulge in the next day and the next day and the next day....we don't need 1 low willpower day to sabotage our diet for 3 or 4...

And if you're not into the whole "microwaved" idea, how about baking individual portion controlled peach (or any other flavor...) pies in the oven in jam jars? How cool, huh? As a child, I remember that my grandma would sometimes make us little baby pies in little tiny tin pie plates that she had. I've never seen any of those for sale but would love to get some. Still, the small jam jars could work. My sister and I often wonder if Grandpa still has Grandma's little pie plates....such memories....

I'm getting pumped for September. I plan to post some fun kitchen, bathroom, etc. organizational ideas this month as well as some Before / After posts of various rooms in the house. And I've also been working on a whole House Tour that will soon be available via a link at the top of the site. So stay tuned for lots of great information coming in the next couple weeks.

Happy Fall Y'all! (I know, I know, it's not technically Fall. But it sure feels like it!)

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