Living Room Mood Board

A while back Beth from Home Stories A2Z posted about using a couple tools: Polyvore and Design Seeds. I was so excited to find out about these tools and give them a little try. At first, I browsed the color palettes inspired by photos from nature available on Design Seeds and found this one: {Olive Hues}. I was in love.

I'm realizing it is similar to the color scheme of our current home. Apparently I'm drawn to these colors...see...

Great Room:


Front Room Sitting Area:

Master Bedroom:

Guest Room:

So then I followed Beth's instruction on her
Polyvore tutorial video to create this Living Room Mood Board:

Living Room Mood Board Olive Hues

Isn't that amazing? I am so thankful for other bloggers and how they share such great ideas!
If you're interested in recreating this look, here's a source list with prices:

White IKEA Vivan curtains ($19.99 / pair x 3 windows = $60)

IKEA Ektorp Sofa - Idemo Light Brown ($499)

IKEA Ektorp Chair - Svanby Green ($399)

Target Athens Slipper Chair - Chocolate (On sale for $249)

Gallery wall of black and white frames (you could even spray paint ones that you already own)

Outdoor Rugs by Martha Stewart Living ($249) - this could easily be reduced to $100 or so from HomeGoods or Garden Ridge

Lazy Susan Resin Layered Leaf Mirror ($160) - you could easily replicate this with a mirror from Garden Ridge for maybe $80

Corbett Coffee Table Storage Ottoman ($280) - I've seen these for $150 at Garden Ridge

PB Teen armoire ($2,600!!!!) - My computer armoire off Craigslist only cost $100. I'm sure that there are many alternatives to paying $2,600! I was just clicking around on Polyvore and selected this to have a tall piece of furniture in the mix...

Imperial Trellis Green pillow - Etsy ($50) - but I've been known to find awesome pillows at Garden Ridge for $9.99 so you could definitely save in this category.

End table found on Pinterest (source unknown) - but you could find something at Target or HomeGoods for most likely under $100 or a garage sale or CL for a lot less than that.

And in my opinion, no living room is complete without a piano, so I added that in. :) Usually you can find them for $500 or less. (Free if you already have one)

Grand Total - $2,700 (or $1,680 for the cheaper version....still a little steep for me, but oh well...this is just for fun!)

So what do you think? My favorite piece of furniture that I'm proposing here is the large round storage ottoman. Ever since reading this post from Young House Love I realized that even they have clutter in their home, but they just know where to conveniently hide it, I've been singing the praises of the storage ottoman.

At this point in time, I have 2 in my Great Room (1 for piano books and 1 for toys) as well as 1 in the master bedroom to store swimwear, extra toiletries and random stuff that is sitting out. I find I have to clean it about once a week or it fills up with random clutter and begins to not be able to close. The only thing that might be better is a trunk that has some sort of latch that would confound my 1 year old son so he couldn't get into the master bedroom ottoman and the piano book ottoman since last week he ripped my ancient copy of Fur Elise that I inherited from my grandmother! Ah!

And someday I dream of being able to purchase an IKEA Ektorp sofa and armchair. I just love them!

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