Dishwasher and Trash Bag Organization

I once saw someone loading silverware in their dishwasher like this:

And I thought..."So simple, yet so genius!" I would rather put the silverware into the dishwasher by category (one section of the basket for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, etc.) so that it's easier and faster to put away when clean than have to weed through tangled massles of silverware in the dishwasher and categorize it as I put it away in the silverware drawer. I guess you have to sort it at some point either way but since I hate unloading the dishes, I'd rather not have to add the extra step of sorting the silverware into that job.

So I have completely formed a new habit of loading my dishwasher this way and I'll admit, it does kind of bother me when I see someone else do it differently. But...still, I'm not going to correct someone who does my dishes for me! That would just be idiotic! 

On another note, the other day I noticed that the right side of the cabinet under our kitchen sink was beginning to look like this.

And this is not good. Not only is it hard to find things, but the left side contains two pull out trash cans. And when the right side looks like this I risk getting a bottle of cleaner, etc. wedged in behind the trash cans so they can't slide back on their track. It was time to do something.

One of the biggest problems here can be seen in the lower left corner of the photo: the spare shopping sacks that I re-use as trash can liners. They were overflowing out of a large plastic container. And there was an empty Clorox wipes container perched on top of them. Why, you ask? Well, I had decided a couple weeks ago that I should try out this little idea I found on Pinterest:

But, as usual, I'd put that off for another day.

So after purging some bags I didn't like anyway, and placing 10 and only 10 inside my wipes container and just generally rearranging and putting things where they belonged, the cabinet looked like this! I have 3 types of trash bags, 1 wipes container holding plastic bags, one tupperware for rarely used cleaners in the back, one tupperware for frequently used cleaners in the front and the dishwasher soap.

Much better, huh? Now, I must just force myself to keep it that way!

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