31 Days of Pinterest Projects - Day 8 - Progress!

Ok. I know it's not much...but I did make some progress today on the map backed bookcase {that I started last Friday}! 

Woohoo! I finished adding the maps to the right third of the built-in unit and then put the adjustable shelves back in. It feels so good to have at least part of this project done and I've also been gathering artwork, etc. from all over the house and photos that had yet to be unpacked from our move one year ago to "style" the shelves. I SO want it to end up looking like some of these inspirational pins

I love the big open space over the desk area in this one. I'm thinking about removing a couple more shelves and putting our bulletin board or some art in there.

I just love the layered in accessories in this photo:

 I love the horizontal and vertical placed books and the fun accessories in this photo:

And I think the mirrors are a super-fun addition in this one:

What do you think, can I pull it off? ;) Can I create something as sophisticated? I'm at least going to try.

I guess I should also mention that with the added thickness of the Atlas pages, it was actually much more difficult to get the shelves back in place - it was a very tight fit - and I had to get help from my sweet husband for that part because when I tried to do it, I ended up ripping several map pages and getting extremely frustrated! Just in case any of you want to try this at home...

I've begun unloading the other two-thirds of the built-in and hope to finish this project tomorrow. I'd absolutely LOVE to stay up and do it tonight but my day tomorrow starts bright and early with bootcamp at 5:15, followed by a business meeting at 7:30, so I must get to bed.

In other news, I went shopping with my sister-in-law, Margaret, this afternoon, as I mentioned we would here on the post about her sewing room. We purchased 4 shoe-box sized containers at Big Lots, 4 purple, green and blue decorative clipboards from Staples, and 3 rolls of cork for a giant 4 ft x 6 ft inspiration board. We also picked up some of my favorite tools, 3M Command Strips, for hanging the clipboards to keep from putting a ton of nail holes in their walls. Overall, it was a very successful shopping trip. We gathered almost everything we need and just have a couple more purchases to make. Our goal is to keep this entire project under $100! Wouldn't that be incredible? And with some of the deals we found today, I think we just might be able to.

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Are any of you also writing a 31 Day series along with The Nester?

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