31 Days of Pinterest - Day 9 - Freezer Cooking

Freezer cooking. My sister-in-law Jenny has been touting the advantages of it for years but it took me having a child and getting really, really busy with life in general to realize just how awesome of a concept it was. Make one giant mess in the kitchen one day in exchange for 30+ days of not cooking dinner. Sign me up!!

There had been way too many evenings where I had gotten busy with another project and did not plan ahead so dinnertime rolled around and I threw something horrible together or ordered a pizza. So expensive and so dumb considering I have two freezers full of food!

So a few weeks ago, I clicked on a few of the Pinterest pins I'd been saving:

And I gathered a ton of tips and recipes from various sites, including:

Ring Around the Rosies
Six Sisters' Stuff
Mama & Baby Love

I could re-invent the wheel and blog all about it, but these sites really seem to be the "expert" on the topic.

In the end, I made about 15 recipes in one day to yield 30+ meals. My younger sister-in-law came over just as I was finishing up a giant day of cooking. There were pots and pans of water all over the floor (Levi was keeping himself entertained...) and there was food EVERYWHERE. I think she thought I was nuts.

But alas, this week I am reaping the rewards of that one giant day of cooking. I haven't felt super motivated to do housework and cooking this week and it has been FABULOUS to simply walk out to the freezer, grab a gallon sized baggie of cut up chix and veggies and plop it in the fridge for a day of thawing and then into the crockpot the next day for cooking. Yum. Home cooked dinner with no work. Can't believe I never did this before. It really cuts down on dining out expenditures. Dave Ramsey would be proud!

So what tips do you guys have on saving money on meals? Do you coupon? Do you freezer cook?

For the rest of this 31 Day Pinterest Project series, just click here.

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Jenny Kropf said...

So glad you're back...and enjoying your freezer meals-pretty slick, huh?

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