31 Days of Pinterest Projects - Day 18 - Laundry Hamper Switcheroo

Slight problem. Our hamper doesn't fit real great in our new bathroom. It is righinsidethedoor and if it gets bumped it can even block the door from moving. Grrr... Also, it sits right in front of Dave's towel when it is hanging on the towel bar. Annoying.

Essentially, this hamper is just another one of those things that worked great at our old house but didn't translate well to the new place.

 And it is rotting. Yes, rotting.

We bought this elite hamper to replace our basic plastic one that had worked for years and years for a whopping $49.99 from Tar-jay about one year ago and it is rotting. It is worthless. Really wish I had my $49.99 back. It doesn't breathe well and so all the moist towels and clothes inside just sit in there and rot out the press board bottom until laundry day. Every week. This is what it looks like currently underneath the cute lining.

Yuck. Ew. I don't really want my clothes touching that. Even if there is a cute lining in between.

So one day on Pinterest I saw this:

And I thought, "I want that!" But I clicked over to Amazon and realized I'd have to fork over an entire Ben Franklin for it.

Then today in the checkout line at Wally World I saw this puppy for just $2.97.

And I thought, why don't I take this and the other pop up hamper we already own but aren't using, set them inside our large vanity cabinets and pretend they're pull-out or tilt-out hampers? It will be a great use of all the space inside those cabinets that we currently aren't even utilizing.

The best part was I can save myself the $97. Sure, pull-outs are fabulous. But so is having an extra Ben Franklin lying around.

Here's our latest solution in action:

The other plus is that now the laundry is already sorted by color as we put it in here - lights in one, darks in the other, as opposed to when I had to take the whole hamper to the laundry room and then sort out the clothes. Should make laundry days easier. And I'll be able to carry half our laundry at a time eliminating back strain from that heavy hamper that held it all!

So what do you guys think? Where do you keep your dirty clothes till laundry day? I know some people have a hamper in their bedroom or closet but we like keeping ours in the bathroom.

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freshnewday said...

I had those same pop up hampers for a while. They work great and are very economical. My family wouldn't sort the clothes into darks and lights, however. When the pop up hampers got torn, I came across the flylady.net three compartment hamper. It has huge words printed on it labeling the sections. Now my family sorts the clothes, which saves me tons of time. The hamper tote fits perfectly in our master closet and everyone uses that one hamper. It's not for everyone, but I absolutely LOVE it.

freshnewday said...

I am going to try to post the link to the hamper. I couldn't find anything quite like it anywhere else.

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