31 Days of Pinterest Projects - Day 15 - Organizing Erica's Linen Closet

We went to visit our friends, Jimmy & Erica, and their three adorable kids in Fort Wayne this weekend.

(the oldest two weren't in the photo...)

Jimmy just joined the National Guard so they had a combined Going Away party for Jimmy along with their daughter's 3rd Birthday party Saturday. Check out this amazing cake Erica made!

It was also really great for our little family to get away for a weekend. This is the first overnight trip we've made since before we moved 11 months ago. We had lots of quality family time and Levi was such a good little guy for our trip. Check out Levi imitating his Daddy warming his feet by the fire Saturday night...Melt my heart...

And the best part (in my mind) was that Sunday afternoon I got to help Erica re-organize her...get this: walk-in linen closet! I'm such a nerd...

Here are the before photos:

The top shelf holds lots of holiday / seasonal decor and the left side holds the family's towels, bedding, etc. The right side of the closet holds cleaners and extra toiletries.

After taking a quick peak at the closet after lunch Sunday, we headed out to her local Target store to grab some containers. Our goal was to spend as little as possible but still get quite a few containers and a good variety of sizes and make her space look amazing like all the linen closet photos I've gathered on Pinterest.  We also wanted to find some sort of hanging organizer to utilize the empty wall space on the wall opposite the doorway. (As a side note, I was also thrilled to learn that Erica's Target has a Starbucks inside - I miss Indy so much sometimes... ) 

We were probably in the store 20 minutes (and half of that was cuz I had to drool over all the Target merchandise and go to Starbucks). We grabbed 4 colorful containers in the dollar bin and then various sizes of clear Sterilite containers and a clearanced hanging organizer. Then we hurried back home and attempted to get this project done before all the kids woke up from their naps :) 

We pulled things out into the hallway and containerized as we went. Anything she hadn't used for a while or no longer loved went into the Goodwill pile and we also threw away any trash we came across (such as expired lotion or shopping bags and packaging, etc.). That whole process only took about an hour. And I was so into it I forgot to drink my pumpkin spice latte. Can you believe it?

I was so proud of Erica - she did a great job purging and organizing. We ended up with about two garbage bags of trash and two bags and a box of donations and a SUPER organized space (in under two hours!). All she needs to do now is grab her label maker and pop on some labels and keep up with the new system.

We ended up with one container on the top shelf holding kids' swimwear, swim diapers and a sleeping bag and two other containers holding Christmas decorations. The other side of the top shelf was for seasonal silk flower arrangements.

I sorted through the linens and grouped like items together, folding bath towels into thirds rather than halves so they wouldn't hang off the shelves and fall down when bumped. We grouped all the baby blankets and baby washcloths together in their respective containers. And I also grouped hand towels in a container. 

Sheets were piled together towards the back and pillowcases and throws were placed in the hanging organizer on the back wall (it looks a bit crooked in this photo because we needed another nail to hang it from on the top right corner). 

Toiletries were grouped into categories - hair care products in one basket, soaps and body washes in another, feminine products in another and hand soaps and air fresheners in another. First aid items were placed on the shelf above that.

Travel toiletries and cleaning products were placed in their own respective bins.

Christmas DVDs, party supplies and gift bags were put on the bottom right side.
Paper products were put underneath the toiletries. 

I am so thankful that Jimmy & Erica opened up their home to us this weekend, and that Erica even opened up her linen closet to me and let me help her re-organize it and share it on my blog! Not every friend would do that. I love you girl! Dave, Levi & I had a wonderful time with you guys. And you will all be in my prayers as Jimmy heads off to boot camp soon. :)

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