31 Days of Pinterest Projects - Day 13 - Son's Closet

A while back I pinned this photo:

I thought it was simply genius. It seems like with our son, Levi's clothes, there's always something he is growing out of or I'm realizing is still too big for him to wear. And I HATE having clothes that don't fit him (or that we don't love) in his dresser (or ours either for that matter). It makes it hard to put clothes away when there are too many jammed in the dresser drawer and heaven knows I don't need another reason to hate doing laundry.

So I thought it would simplify life so much to have two clearly labeled bins inside his closet to stash those "extra" clothes to deal with later. Just a place to hold it before I take it back down to the bins in the basement where we keep all the clothes he is not currently wearing.

So yesterday I grabbed a couple matching striped bins that we already owned (another great find from Big Lots - gotta love a bargain!), stuck on some labels, and cleared off the top shelf of his closet (all the toys we don't let him play with for various reasons), and plopped them inside.

Here's a before photo of the shelf. I show you this so you know I'm human. :)

And now, look at this. Doens't it make you happy? It does me!

1 comment:

Lindsey and T.D. said...

Love it. Right now I have a pile of "Sort of too small" "He kind of still can wear them" "They are too cute to put away" "don't forget he almost fits in these" and "too big."

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