Tweaking Our Tupperware / "Kid"-ware Storage

A while back I shared our tupperware drawer organization system. We had one basket for Levi's cups, one for his bowls/plates, one for round tupperware lids and one for square tupperware lids. The only problem was that this was the bottom drawer and Levi loved to get into it. . .

So this is what our home looked like most days. Ugh. 

Whenever I was working in the kitchen making dinner, he'd get nearly every single thing out of that drawer. . . and then Dave would come home from work and see this HUGE mess strewn all over the house. After a few months, I finally decided: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So I decided to first take all the "kid"-ware out of the drawer and relocate it to the upper cabinets to see if he'd be less attracted to this drawer.

I shifted that white basket from the cabinet to the left of the microwave into the cabinet to the right of the microwave, as shown below.

That opened up space in this wall cabinet, shown below. So now Levi's plates/bowls are in the clear basket on the top shelf and his sippy cups are in the blue basket and bottles are in the white basket on the middle shelf. 

Eventually I decided to relocate the tupperwares and lids as well, as the problem seemed to continue. We put them in the upper portion of the pantry cupboard. {Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of that before I packed them up for the big move.} 

And just like that, no more messes! Woohoo! Moral of the story: sometimes no matter how hard you try, your first attempt at organization ends in failure and it's necessary to tweak solutions from time to time to fit the needs of your family.

Of course, a side note is that about 2 days after relocating the contents of that drawer, Levi learned that he could climb head first into the empty drawer, then stand in it and dance!!! Nice. . . good thing we had extremely sturdy drawer bottoms since we built them ourselves!

Anyone else have any issues with kids dragging everything out of their kitchen cabinets? Or dancing in the drawers? Any tips on stopping that? I guess that's more of a parenting related concern than a design/ organization concern, huh?


Jenny Kropf said...

Can totally relate...why do people buy our kids toys anyway? Child safety locks are what we used, but in your new house...mom used wooden spoons to "lock" the cabinets and slid yard sticks down the fronts of the drawers. Maybe Levi will be so distracted by trying to get them undone, he'll forget to actually open them.

Anonymous said...

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