Weekly Menu Planning Post

So the reason I have issues with things like menu planning is I have a tendency to beat myself (or Dave) up if we don't stick EXACTLY TO THE PLAN. So then I give up on the concept entirely.

Last week I blogged about our meal plan for the week here. This is what we had planned along with the edits showing what actually happened:

MONDAY - angel hair pasta & sausage meatballs

TUESDAY - Jammin' Deer Stew

WEDNESDAY - Authentic chix enchiladas recipe and apple pie

THURSDAY - Dave's late night, so we're on our own...I generally pack him something and snack on stuff around here- Dave got off work early so we celebrated and went to Red Habanero, our fav Mexican restaurant!

FRIDAY - stromboli We were both tired and didn't feel like rushing around before going to church at 6:30 so we had apple cider bread and quickie pizzas (bagels with spaghetti sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and italian seasoning warmed in the toaster oven!)

SATURDAY - eating at the Wknd in the Word dinner at church

SUNDAY - Coffee Rubbed Deer Tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans I didn't feel well and we had a showing scheduled for our house so I didn't want to make this big meal so I talked Dave into making pancakes with local maple syrup and bacon for lunch after church. Yum! And then we made venison chili with a mexican flare and served it with shredded cheddar cheese and Fritos for dinner.

So, 3 out of 6 meals that I had planned were changed up. Usually that would throw me into a depression / rebellion against meal planning, but I guess I'll just try it again this week...because this printable from The Project Girl really does help me save on groceries. 

Here's our plan for this week. I based this menu off what we already had on hand to try to reduce the amount of stuff we'd need to buy.

MONDAY - deer tacos with rice and beans
TUESDAY - Ham & Bean Soup
WEDNESDAY - Stromboli (hoping to have some friends over again)
THURSDAY - Dave works late - baked beans & bacon for his packed dinner, I'll eat a Schwan's LiveSmart entree or something.
FRIDAY - Italian Sausages with onions and peppers and baked beans
SATURDAY - Rice & beans with chicken
SUNDAY - Sausage Lasagna

All I had to buy this week was refried beans and taco rice for Monday night, lasagna noodles and cottage cheese for Sunday, peppers and onions, lettuce, and other staples like fruit, milk, butter and paper products.

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