Meal Planner Follow Up

Since finding this meal planner/ Grocery list making - printout a couple weeks ago from The Project Girl

I've been doing a lot better job at planning meals and saving money at the grocery. I just find it so incredibly convenient jotting everything down on one sheet of paper.

In case you're wondering, here's what we've got on the menu for this week:

MONDAY - angel hair pasta & sausage meatballs

TUESDAY - Jammin' Deer Stew (the recipe calls for beef but I always use up venison stew meet in this...turns out great! and I generally add canned green beans, and frozen peas and corn and skip the bay leaves)

WEDNESDAY - Authentic chix enchiladas recipe (from my husband's authentic mexican coworker) - I'll definitely have to share this recipe soon. I also plan to make apple pie or apple dumplings with apples from the orchard this night too since we're having some friends over for dinner.

THURSDAY - Dave's late night, so we're on our own...I generally pack him something and snack on stuff around here.

FRIDAY - stromboli

SATURDAY - eating at the Wknd in the Word dinner at church

SUNDAY - Coffee Rubbed Deer Tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans

It was awesome because I only had to buy potatoes and chix breasts for meals this week as well as a few snacky things like yogurt and string cheese. Definitely helping keep the grocery budget down.

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