Five Favorite Finds!

I spend lots of time {too much} each week reading other peoples' blogs. It's no secret. I find the blog world very inspiring!

So this week I thought I'd share FIVE of my FAVORITE FINDS!

1. I recently became a follower of Maillardville Manor and read her post about meal planning here. And of course that lead me to The Project Girl's free weekly meal planning printout.

This meal planner is revolutionary! It allows you to plan out your dinners for the week on one side and then make your shopping list on the other side of the paper. I LOVE it! Just printed out 5 copies to put in my little household binder. What a great tool.

2. Midweek I was checking out one of my favorite blogs: IHeart Organizing {where I was featured a couple weeks ago} when I saw this amazing dressing room from Honey & Fitz. Guess what...now I'm following Honey & Fitz too! Isn't this room AMAZING? I LOVE those yellow curtains. That is totally not something that I would have thought of choosing for the space but they look spectacular. I need to take more risks... And who wouldn't love to have that Elfa system?

3. I also absolutely loved the step-by-step tutorial on recovering/refurbishing this rocking chair on YoungHouseLove this week. This is something that I would also have been terrified of attempting....but now I feel like maybe I could! I would love to call something like this my own. Awww...

4. I also found this awesome Fettucine recipe this week on this Only From Scratch. It was absolutely amazing. I made it last night for dinner {using tomatoes from our neighbor's garden that they shared with us} and Dave was overjoyed!

I have never made actual fettucine before and this was so easy! Although I must say it is fattening and I probably won't be making it too often. And I would love to try it with chicken instead of sausage sometime.

5. Someone recently became a follower of my blog who also follows A Slob Comes Clean...I thought I'd check out that site and found this wonderful list of weekly house cleaning tasks (scroll down for a link to a printable version). I like her idea of creating a list of "non-negotiable tasks" since I also don't have "cleaning intuition" as she calls it. Here's a little excerpt from that blog post:
"Remember, I have no “cleaning intuition” like normal people have. If I wait until I notice the need, have the time, and feel the urge to clean all at the same time, I end up waiting for a very long time. Knowing that I clean bathrooms on Tuesdays means that I plan my day around getting that done. Otherwise, I plan my day and cleaning the bathroom never enters my mind."
It is like she put into words exactly what I've been dealing with over the past couple years!! I've just recently been assigning myself daily tasks that I must do for certain days of the week but I somehow always make excuses why it doesn't work on that particular day. So if I make them "non-negotiable" in my mind, maybe that will help. It's all about discipline, I guess.

~~~~~And this is just a glimpse of all the amazing inspiration I found out there in blog world this week. It is so fun to be able to read and share ideas with all the wonderfully talented people out there! I love blogging....sure beats my old day job {engineering sewer systems!!}...

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