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We are hoping to sell our 3 bedroom ranch fairly soon and make a move back to our hometown to the farmhouse where Dave grew up. With our DIY, remodeling backgrounds, everyone in the family expects us to quickly begin renovating that home. I, personally, am ready for a break from remodeling. It is VERY stressful to raise a new baby in a construction zone, to say the least. But furthermore, I think it would be wise to live there a while before we make any drastic changes.

With our current home, my design style has evolved to something contemporary and casual that I feel really fits with the character of this home. However, moving to a farmhouse, I will not be able to have the same design style. Dave's style is more rustic, antique-y and it will definitely go well with that home. I'm hoping that we can meld our styles to create something beautiful that we both love in our future home.

On another note, I love being surrounded by beautiful yet practical things. For example, I would much rather have a beautiful storage ottoman in my living room that could be used to store blankets or even files than an ornate table that has no storage whatsoever. Furniture and artwork must earn their keep in my home. Haha!

Lately I've been doing a lot of browsing on Pinterest and here are a few of my favorite Pins to date, most of which are inspiration for our next home...

We recently saw a home for sale (not the one pictured below) with dark brown siding and white trim. It was gorgeous. The one below is similar. Also, Dave likes the posts on this porch. I'm not sure...but they're growing on me...

We love the idea of having a wrap around porch. (Someday...*sigh*)

And a porch swing!

Dave really likes the idea of taking old things like barn doors and barn siding and reusing them inside our home. Isn't the barn door shown here gorgeous? I'd take that...

We love the idea of dirt colored concrete floors...

And I love this idea of painting wood floors. Dave, not so much...perhaps we can compromise?

But we BOTH love this.
Reclaimed wood floors.
They sure wouldn't show dirt...

And reclaimed wood paneling.
Sure beats that ugly wood paneling stuff from the 70s...

And how about repurposing an armoire as a pantry
in a kitchen lacking cabinet space? 

In the next kitchen of my dreams, I'm debating countertop choices. I could stain IKEA butcher block countertops.

Or DIY some concrete counters. Or there's granite and marble, etc, etc.

How about this gorgeous bedroom? Love the striped walls and the old iron bed and green accents.

And how about refinishing a pie safe for bathroom storage? I love the fun yellow!

And since I know our next home has wallpaper I'm considering something like this rather than going thru the painful process of removing the paper and perfecting the walls for paint. How luxurious, huh? And I love round tables.

And Dave is absolutely convinced he's going to someday unearth hand hewn timbers in our future home. They would be beautiful if they were there. But oh my, can you just imagine living in that dusty plaster mess through the process?

*See my Pinterest Boards for sources on the photos if I know them...and thanks to all those whose photos I just posted. :) You have inspired me!

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