Link Party

I'm participating in a Mix and Mingle Party over at The Mustard Ceiling today.

The Mustard Ceiling

I found this blog last week and was so amazed by her laundry room transformation

that I immediately added that blog to my Google Reader list and I've been checking it ever since. And of course I was thrilled to participate in the link party over there today.
Also, check out the to do list I posted on Friday. So far we've crossed off 5 items. Many more to go...but we're getting so close to putting our house on the market I can taste it!


Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Hi Katie,
I have discovered your blog through The Mustard Ceiling's linky party. I shall follow your blog.


Barry said...

Found you over at the Mustard Ceiling. Adding you to my blog roll at http://www.imagesouthfineart.com/blog/


elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Thanks for linking up today and showing off my laundry room, so happy to have you following. I can't wait to catch up here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the dryer doesn't have any shelving over it? It seems a bit lopsided.

Katie said...

Not sure but i bet theyintend to get a Matching stackable set of front loading washer dryers To put where the dryer is now so maybe that's why there are no shelves there now...?

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