Fabulous Friday

Since becoming a stay at home mom / part time piano teacher, I've found that my Wednesdays and Thursdays are more like my weekend. I kick back and relax on those 2 days as much as possible (a.k.a. just focus on household tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning) and it's a good thing because I've found I have to save up energy for the crazy weekend of remodeling that we always seem to have.

Today my mom (whose birthday is just 2 days away!!!) is coming to visit us to help me with my giant weekend to do list. How generous of her to come work on her birthday weekend, huh? I love her!

Here's the list...we're overly optimistic as usual that we'll get all this done in 2-2 1/2 days (meanwhile making sure our almost one year old Levi doesn't get into trouble):
  1. seal granite countertops
  2. polyurethane remaining few kitchen cabinets
  3. hem patio door curtains (from IKEA)
  4. plant flowers around front porch
  5. mulch flower beds
  6. continue to water grass seed and pray that it grows
  7. paint Craigslist picnic table and benches red with white geometric accent on top (can't wait to show this off!)
  8. install 2 new exterior light fixtures
  9. recoat front door with red paint
  10. paint trim around laundry room exterior door
  11. spray paint bar stools
  12. deep clean entire house (in preparation for appraisal)
  13. pack up anything that we don't want out during showings
  14. rearrange furniture again (is anyone else constantly shopping their house and rearranging things like me?? i know The Nester always is and that's why I LOVE her blog!)
There's more but I can't seem to find my handwritten list at the moment. ...as usual...

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