31 Days of Pinterest Projects - Day 2 - Kitchen Towel Ring

Day 2 is an idea that I think I pinned to my "Organizing" pin board - it holds the most pins of all my boards, by far. I just can't get enough of gathering ideas for organizing. In fact, if you're a local, I'm always up for the opportunity to come spend a couple hours with you and organize a space. I love taking a cluttered messy place that you don't even want to look at and transforming it into a useful space that you're thankful to have. It's my passion in life!
So, anyways. I pinned this photo from House*Tweaking {a blog that I absolutely LOVE reading}.  In her former home, Dana installed a simple towel ring that's normally used in a bathroom next to the kitchen sink, on the side of the upper cabinets. I thought that was a genius idea!

. . .only problem was the side of our upper cabinets were home to some decorative shelves. Since we didn't use them, I decided it would be fine to remove them. They were screwed into the side of the cabinet, so all I did was reach inside and unscrew them with a screwdriver. {It left some small holes in the side of the cabinet, but I hope to get around to repainting all the cabinets sometime soon so I will fill the holes then.}

And up went the new towel ring! {Please ignore the fact that my photos were taken at night and there's a giant mess on the counters...oops.}

Anyways, so far we absolutely love this solution. There was a towel bar inside the kitchen sink cabinet door when we moved in, but since we chose to put our trash can in there (out of reach of our toddler), the towel was actually touching the trash can and that was just gross. This is also a fabulous solution since it keeps our toddler from stealing the kitchen towel and dragging it around the house.

Anyone else have any great items like a bathroom towel ring that you've used in an unexpected way or in an unexpected location?


Anonymous said...

I've actually considered doing this for my washcloth....now I may have to do it. Love it.

Brent, Hannah, and Madison Hall said...

Love it!!!

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