Canisters - To Buy or Not To Buy

Good morning everyone! It feels good to be coming back to you on an early Monday morning once again. I apologize for the sporadic posts lately, but with the move, the holidays and the new business, things have been chaotic for me, to say the least. I'm hoping to get back into a groove of posting about 3 times a week again, starting this week. So, thanks for bearing with me during this transitional time, I sure do appreciate it! :)

And now, onto the point of this little post. . .

As much as I love the look of a completely cleared off kitchen counter top. . .and strive for it on a daily basis .  .

. . .lately I've been considering investing in a canister set. We had one long ago and then got rid of it because we had zero counter space in our old kitchen (before the remodel) and didn't like having them out taking up precious work space.

So now that we have actual counter space here in our new house, I think it might be fun to keep our coffee, tea bags, sugar, flour, and maybe Levi's "O's" {Cheerios} at arm's reach. I recently saw this "breakfast station post" on Honey & Fitz, where I got the idea of keeping the cereal in a canister. And I just LOVE those plain glass canisters with glass lids.

And I'd love to use Dina's idea of vinyl chalkboard labels. How fun!

Or these cute labels by The House of Smiths.

So what do you think? Do any of you have canisters on your counter tops? Do you like keeping things handy or do you feel like they clutter up your kitchen? Should I put these on my "Wish List"?


Bethany said...

I have clear canisters out on my counter top. I have hardly any cabinet space and since I use them frequently it's convenient, too. But I also have my stand mixer, knife block, utensil holder, straw holder, coffee maker, and K-cup carousel all on the counter so not exactly your cup of tea so to speak. It's neat clutter to me, though. Maybe I'll post a pic for ya. :)

Erica said...

I love the canister look, and I like how they have some on a separate unit in the kitchen, not always on the counter. If you get them to look clean and stylish then it just adds to the look of your kitchen instead of looking cluttered!

But your counter is huge, so it won't be a distraction! I have a small space and not much cabinets, so some things just have to be on the counter, but in our new home things will be different!

Miss ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Check out Crate & Barrel. They have the really pretty glass canisters like the ones you have pictured. I love them!! Do it!!!

Auntie Em

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