Spicing it Up in the New Kitchen

Back in our old house, I purchased an expandable 3-tier shelf from Target for our spice cabinet (shown below).

Only problem is, once we moved, our new spice cabinet wasn't that wide so we could no longer use the "expandable" feature. 

I thought about discarding the expandable left side since it couldn't stand on its own but then I asked my ingenious husband if there was anything he could do to help me.

In about 5 minutes he returned from the basement with this little chunk of wood.

We wedged it in under the right end of that wobbly left side and WA-LA! 2 non-wobbly tiered organizers from 1 expandable one. My honey is amazing.

So here's our new spice cabinet in all its glory. 

Problem is, I'm still trying to decide if I like it. There's not a lot of clearance over the tiered organizers to pull things out, so you have to move one of the spices in the front to access the ones in the back. . .so don't be surprised if I change everything all over again next week. . .still, I'm super proud of us for improvising and creating 2 organizers from one and not spending a dime! =)

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