Join Me on a Virtual Trip to Home Goods!

One Sunday afternoon while our house was being shown to a prospective buyer, we hit up Home Goods. Well, actually, I hit up Home Goods while Daddy & Levi napped in the car...

I decided to take my IPOD Touch in with me so I could discreetly snap a few photos (hence the poor quality) and share this virtual shopping trip with my readers :) ...You're welcome! ;)

I have really been drawn to dark purple this fall so I noticed this ottoman and chair right away. The color looks a little bit more brown on my computer than it was in real life.

And do you recall my Master Bedroom Mood Board I created here?

And how I based the entire design on this curtain I found on Olioboard?
Well, I happened to find this Queen sized comforter at Home Goods which I thought seemed remarkably similar to the curtains. Check it out. This could be the jumping off point of the room instead. Wow. Maybe my dream master bedroom could become a reality!

I've also been eyeing these two pillows at HomeGoods for a while. If I had the right place for them, they'd be mine:

I couldn't help but notice this green lantern. What a lovely centerpiece it could be!

My heart skipped a beat when I spotted these 3 nesting tables for $99. I sure would have loved to take them home.

I also fell in love with this upholstered bench. Of course I still would choose a storage ottoman over a plain bench any day. Gotta love a little extra storage.

And who doesn't love a distressed turquoise table? It is so cheerful. But this could be DIY-ed for a lot less than $199!!!!

I thought this lampshade was very interesting. I don't have a space for it but I'm sure someone does. The actual lamp base seems a bit more green in the photo than in real life.

I'd love to have these lamps in a guest bedroom or something.

And I found this piece in the clearance section for $180 I believe.  

As strange as it may sound, it kind of reminded me of this $139 shoe storage unit from IKEA, at least the dimensions and drawers at the top.

There were shelves inside and I was convinced someone could use it for shoe storage inside a cramped entryway, just like Jen from IHeart Organizing did here.  In some ways, it has more character than the Hemnes cabinet. It is not necessarily my style but someone might love it.

This accent table was also on clearance since one corner of the table top was damaged. Bummer....cuz it was really cute.

I absolutely loved this mirror!

I loved all 3 of these bathroom storage cabinets, but especially the one on the right. The mirror/lattice work was awesome.

I nearly got this to organize paperwork but decided the black did not go with the color scheme of our great room.  

Check out how the top door folds up and tucks inside, revealing these nice little cubbies for sorting mail, etc.

In the right office space I think you could pull off these desk organizers.

And now I would like to include 2 of the ugliest things I've ever seen at Home Goods. Seriously...Home Goods is my favorite store in the world and I usually LOVE EVERYTHING I SEE in there...so WHAT were they thinking with these 2 items?

It looks like someone glued tacky garters around these lampshades. Puke!

And who in their right mind would buy an armchair upholstered in numbers? I guess you might be able to pull it off in a homeschool room or something, but even then... it's just not that cute.

Anyone else LOVE Home Goods? What's the best deal you've ever gotten there? What other stores do you love for home decor?

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