A few months ago, we had a family "Stay-cation" at my sister, Emily, & brother-in-law, Brian's house. Since they live just 20 minutes from an IKEA, Mom, Emily, Levi and I of course took a little trip there. There were so many things that I wanted to buy, but just came home with a pair of green KASSETT file boxes. I used one in place of an ugly banker's box in the bottom of the computer armoire and I used the other to store extra linens in the guest room under the night stand.

And I also came home with a 2012 Catalog. Just click here to view it for yourself.  After hours or browsing thru the pages, these are a few of my favorite things. . .

Lately I've been drawn to gray. Gray paint. Gray furniture. The Ektorp Svanby Gray Sofa for $599.00. I think that's a pretty good price for a sofa with a 10 year warranty and removable, washable slipcovers. And if you get tired of gray, just get another color. They offer TONS.

On page 36 of the catalog, you'll find this room. I'm in love with it. That rug...the white chairs...the gray sofas. I could live there. Not sure Dave would like it, but I could meld it to fit his style as well.

On page 41 of the catalog, you'll see the wicker BYHOLMA chair. It reminds me of the wicker chairs I got from Home Goods that are currently in our front room. For just $79.99, I could probably use a few more wicker chairs. 

I've often seen the Poang armchair and wasn't too excited about it but during this shopping trip I  realized it came in a Black-Brown finish for just $69. Sign me up now. This could easily be used in a nursery in lieu of a rocker or glider. Then it could be moved into a living room when the baby grows up.

Another favorite find on that particular shopping trip was the ISALA coffee table for $199. I found the lavender color fascinating, although I'd probably be interested in other colors for a living area.

Another item that caught my eye was the HOL side table for just $34.99. It would be extremely handy in a living area for storing books, magazines, toys, etc.

Page 78 of the catalog encompasses a large portion of the HEMNES collection. You know, all those HEMNES pieces could pretty much come live at my house. I especially like the gray-brown finish.

On pages 80-83 of the catalog you can find the Expedit Bookcase. It could also come live with me. I can think of about 4,952 uses right now for an Expedit Bookcase...at least.

Page 156 of the catalog is definitely a favorite of mine.  

Gotta love the SVELVIK Queen Bed Frame for $199 and the HEMNES wardrobe.

Also think I need a set of 6 SKUBB Storage boxes as shown on page 163. They work great for dresser drawer organizers.

And here are just a couple other small space storage solutions included in the catalog that I thought were absolutely fabulous - a place to store your books and writing utensils within reach in bed...

And a fabulous little "table" on casters that will tuck under the bed or sofa when not in use. Great for puzzles!

What's the best thing you've ever gotten from IKEA? I have yet to buy any of their furniture but I sure would love to sometime.

In other news, after nearly 10 years, TODAY, 11-11-11, is Dave's LAST day of working his day job. Self-employment, here we come!

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