Master Bedroom Reveal and Roomspiration Link Up

I wanted to post this Master Bedroom Reveal for you earlier today but I had some technical difficulties and had to finish it tonight. I'm trying to cram it in before the "31 Days to a Clutter Free Home" series starts tomorrow. And I guess I'm sliding in right at the deadline with 56 minutes to spare....nothing like last minute!

Our Master Bedroom is always a work in progress. It has been collected over years and will most likely continue to evolve. Overall our goals are to create a neat and clean, peaceful sanctuary to rest in.

I purchased the oak headboard (frame and mattress) as well as two oak dressers when I was in the 8th grade. I am proud to say that as a 14 year old I had saved up enough cash on my own to buy these pieces. They are not really what I would choose today if I were to go buy bedroom furniture but I am thankful for them.

This is what our Master Bedroom used to look like. I chose this green color and painted it the year we moved in. I thought it would be a tranquil color but it was a lot darker than what I was going for and just was not the peaceful look I was going for. The curtains and hideous green carpet were inherited from the previous owners.

While repairing drywall and repainting our bedroom in 2010, we used our spare bedroom. I knew I wanted to go with a blue and brown color scheme so I went ahead and purchased the blue crinkle voile curtain panels from Lowe’s for $14.99 / each and hung them in that room. And the white sheer panel to go in between was also from Lowe’s for $9.99. I think the curtains are one of my favorite things about our bedroom now. Our old curtains were short and made the windows look so small. From reading other people's blogs I picked up on the idea of putting long panels on even short windows and I love it. It gives the room a much more luxurious feel.
We already owned the quilt shown below. I was determined not to spend money so I figured it would work well enough with my new color scheme. It was even reversible. In the end we realized it was not the look we were going for. Nor was the lack of bed skirt :)

So once we got settled back in our bedroom with our curtains put up in there, we decided to invest in some bedding. I found this blue and brown leafy comforter and matching shams and pillows for only $49.99 on clearance at Home Goods. It was meant to be!

The same day that I found the comforter set I also found the lamp on the nightstand. It was only $29 at Home Goods so of course I fell in love…and it fell into my cart…

I had already purchased the 2 blue silk pillows from Home Goods the year before for $25 and I had purchased the silky brown lumbar pillow from IKEA several years ago (no clue how much it was) and the brown one in the middle of the 3 from Garden Ridge for just $9.99.

We “shopped our house” and decided the bedroom would be a great place to display our Hayden Lambson print that we’d purchased years ago from…get this: a truck stop! Doesn’t everyone find their home decor near the ladies room while making a pit stop? It had an oak frame so it matched the furniture and the blue mat matched the bedding and didn’t really match any other rooms in our house anymore, so it was a fit!

I found this darling little green storage ottoman on clearance at Home Goods for just $35. I could hardly believe my eyes and the cashier was even surprised when she rang it up. To this day have found absolutely nothing wrong with it to indicate why it was on clearance. I wanted a chair in our bedroom but realized this ottoman is much better because I can throw random things in it that have no other home and no one’s the wiser.

At first when we moved back in the room, we had a little problem with furniture arrangement…and well, pillow arrangement, too…LOL. See the photo below.

We tried placing our dresser on the left side of the room when you walk in the door and having a somewhat large night stand on the right side. Something about the window placement on the right side of the room really made the space seem so off balance.
Also we don’t have a TON of space to work with since the room is only about 11’ x 11’ and the bathroom door and door out to the rest of the house are placed so that one entire wall can’t really be used for furnishings.

So one weekend I asked my mom and sister to help me with this furniture arranging nightmare and we moved things all around trying different scenarios. One of us came up with the idea of removing the mirror from the dresser so that it could be placed in front of the window and not look too odd.

Lo and behold, that made a huge difference!

Having the dresser on that side of the room makes it seem much more balanced when you look in. We also thought we should find a smaller night stand.

I shopped the house and found this antique end table from the living room. It is a smaller size and works better in the smaller bedroom. It belonged to my great grandmother and was always in my bedroom when I was a little girl.

After years of having a night stand with no storage, I am so glad to have these handy drawers to keep all my random junk handy….coaster, pens, hairbands, chapstick.  Sure, the drawer could use a little organizing in itself, but it works.

So what do you think of our Master Bedroom? There are times I look at it and wish it was a bit more flashy and colorful or that I had mixed in a few more fun patterns, but for now, with the small space we have I don’t want it to be too busy. I think that it works and keeps it feeling cozy and restful.

I’m linking this room up to the Roomspiration Blog Hop on Just a Touch of Gray. Have a great weekend!


Erin @ His and Hers said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for your visit today. The chandelier was from Home Depot and less than $100, which is why we love it, too. :)

Don't you like how things just fall into your cart at stores like HG and Ikea? That ottoman was a great find! :)

Rachel Gray said...

I love the new bedding! What a difference it made for the room! Great finds! I'm so glad you linked up to Roomspiration today!

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