31 Days to a Clutter Free Home

Just as a heads up to all you readers out there, I have decided to join in the 31 Days of Change over at The Nester's site and spend the month of October blogging about one topic - 31 Days to a Clutter Free Home!

Each day of the month will be devoted to some sort of clutter busting tip or idea. And I will work my way through the house attempting to touch on every room and type of clutter issue I can think of. So stay tuned for 31 whole entire posts on how to sort, purge, and re-organize your way to a Clutter Free Home!

How about you? Are you joining in the 31 Days of Change on your blog? Or do you have any particular clutter issues you'd like me to talk about?

Be sure to hop over to The Nester's site on October 1st (this Saturday!) to follow along with her 31 Day series and to check out all the other bloggers that will be linking up as well as her 7 close friends who will also be participating on their respective blogs. Should be a fabulous month!

And now...I'm off...to write tons and tons of posts! Ah!

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