Hello everyone!  My name is Katie. As a child I was obsessed with drawing floorplans of dream homes and imagining what each room would look like. Somehow my path of life lead me through 5 years of college to land a career designing wastewater treatment plants and storm sewers. Not really what I was going for, huh?

Currently I’m a stay at home mom. Over the past 3 years or so my husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity of gutting and renovating our 1953 3 bed/2 bath ranch. We have both learned so much. Most importantly, I have learned that I absolutely love this kind of work. It has rekindled the intense passion for design that I had as a child.

I have been blogging off and on to keep family up to date on our life and occasionally our remodeling adventures but I've decided to create a new blog dedicated solely to remodeling/design.

I hope that you enjoy the content and if you ever have any questions, please contact me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

So glad I found you, I can't wait to follow as your rekindle your passion for design.

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