Our New Home

We have recently moved into the farmhouse in Ohio where my husband grew up. Everyone comes in the back door around these parts, so that's where we'll start the inside tour. This room used to be a back porch and was later enclosed. Half of it is a mudroom area, the other half houses the washer/dryer. I hope to add some hooks and shelves or a closet to make our mudroom area more functional sometime very soon.

Sorry for my finger in the photo below. But don't worry, it didn't block out anything important...it's just covering up more wood paneling ;)

Just off the back porch is the kitchen. We've since placed a stove there underneath the microwave. And I pulled that yellow cabinet that Dave's parents left on the back porch in and sat it to the left of the microwave and it adds some more counter space and storage.

And here's the other side of the kitchen. There is way more cabinet space here than our old kitchen. I love it. I have lots of organizing and re-organizing still left to do, though. (Ignore the bottle in the middle of the floor...I didn't even notice it till now...) The window above the sink looks into the family room.

And here's the family room.

There's a beautiful fireplace in this room with a marble hearth and a rustic wood mantel. We love it! Right now we have all our living room type furniture in this space. It works but it's a bit more crowded than I imagined. Soon half of it will make its way into the living room.

Also in this room, over by the eating area is a huge built-in bookcase. We decided to use this unit for our office space. I definitely need to do more "styling" but it works well for us right now.

And there's a HUGE walk through closet behind the built in bookcase in the family room. Right now it's a total hodge-podge of stuff but I'm sure in a matter of no time I'll come up with some AMAZING use for it. I think I'm just in complete shock after moving from our old house with ZERO storage into this place. My sister said I could become a hoarder here.

There's also a huge basement under the family room/master bedroom, about 900 square feet, with tons and tons of storage space.

Off the kitchen is the dining room and to the left of that in the photo below is the formal living room. They are HUGE rooms. For now, I'm going to hold off on sharing those rooms because Dave's parents are still sorting through some of their belongings in there at this time.

Now, moving onto the master bedroom. It is nearly twice the size of our old master bedroom!! We love having so much space. Since I took this photo, we went ahead and hung Dave's parents old curtains back up in the windows just to add some much needed privacy to the bedroom for now. We are using our old blue and brown bedding. And unfortunately you can't see it here but we threw in our old rug from the front room of the house in Indiana in to tone down the rust colored carpet in the bedroom. The rug actually has blue, brown, green, tan and rust in it, so it ties all our colors together nicely. Not to mention, the walls were already painted blue, so they just blend right in.

The master bath is quite large and we love having double sinks and medicine cabinets. For now I'm using a shower curtain that I purchased at a garage sale as a curtain in the bathroom. Oh how I miss our curtains in our Indiana home...

And check out this linen closet inside the bathroom! I am in love with the storage spaces in this place.

This is our son, Levi's room. Obviously, I'd like to do something to tone down the walls and flooring but for now. . .it's colorful at least!

Here's the bathroom off Levi's bedroom and the living room.

Outside Levi's room is the stairway to the upstairs. There's a landing at the top with a door on each side to the 2 upstairs bedrooms.

The bedroom to the right is the largest and my mother-in-law so kindly left furniture in it that we've already used for our friends when they spent the night.

Levi just LOVES going upstairs and exploring. We do it pretty often so he can learn how to use stairs.

This room even has a HUGE closet!

I am in love with the ceilings in these upstairs bedrooms. As soon as Levi gets better with stairs and we have another baby, this will probably be his bedroom. I think he will love it.

Across the landing is another bedroom about 2/3 the size of this one. I'll hold off on sharing it as well for now.

As you can all see, we are definitely blessed beyond belief to have a much larger home here in Ohio than we had in Indiana. Not to mention we're really blessed to have most of our family members within a 10 minute drive here!!

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that there are many things that we'd like to do to this house to make it feel more like our own home and not like we're living in Dave's parents' house, but right at the moment, well, that's exactly where we are. And we are also working on starting an automotive shop now too. Time and money are definitely at a premium these days. So home improvement projects are not exactly high on the list. However, I still hope to pop back on the blog periodically and share with you some of the small and large projects that we take on over the next few years. I'm sure, as always, it will be an adventure around here. :)


Ange said...

Looks like you have some wonderful bones to work with and lots of great storage too! Can't wait to watch you put your touch on this home!

Vicki Esh said...

So excited to have you in the area Katie! Looking forward to seeing more of you!

freshnewday said...

So glad that you have so much space! Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture of Levi looking out the bedroom window. The best part about that bedroom is the sun streaming in the window to wake you up in the morning.

Avril Copperfield said...

Levi seemed excited with your new home. He was happily exploring the house with a cute smile. The windows are pretty good too, as they let in a lot of light, thus making the rooms bright!

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